This project was  addressed to three Municipalities  Arraiján, Chorrera and San Miguelito, towns located on the outskirts of Panama City, where there is population growth, lack of planning and an increase in acts of violence. This initiative aimed  train and provide tools to young people through workshops on different thematic axes. 

The construction of a new educational paradigm is an effort to update the meaning of education and the ways in which it is developed, in order to connect it with the needs and demands of 21st century society, and with the interests, needs, tastes and youth skills.

The new educational paradigm must be intimately connected with the needs of its environment, of young people  to contribute in different ways  in the creation, communication and construction of knowledge, in order to support the development of inclusive, participatory and equitable societies

Capacity Development           Entrepreneurship

English Language Training

Audiovisual Production Workshops

Art, Hip Hop and Theater Workshops

Radio Workshops