tastes good to me

Among the mountains there is a group of women who preserve unique recipes from a small region of the Isthmus of Panama, where the highest point in the country is also located. Through labor transformations, people born in this area migrate at an early age to cities and development poles in search of other opportunities, in this process of estrangement a loss of traditional knowledge and local gastronomy is generated. Given this fact, women pioneers of recipes from the Municipality of Tierras Altas, tell us the origin of some and how the emotional events in their lives, resulted in some of the most exquisite dishes in the country.

High ground

It is a short film about the connections between soil health, climate change and mountain farming. Set in the United States, in the Rocky Mountains of Utah and Colorado and in Panama on the fertile soils of Tierras Altas, Chiriquí. It presents the experiences of family farmers, non-governmental organizations and national markets that are linked to agricultural activities, natural resources and the food chain. The film explores how compost maintains agricultural productivity while mitigating climate change as an alternative to storing more carbon in the soil.