"Our values"



CoMunidad Foundation, for more than fourteen years we have been working in close collaboration with United Nations Agencies, International Cooperation, Local Governments and organized citizens, the private sector and universities to build, lead and manage projects related to sustainable development.


Continuous work:

With the support of your donations we have the possibility of guaranteeing and continuing our management to promote actions focused on sustainability.



I work collaboratively integrating different actors to create awareness of the importance of the various types of knowledge involved in efforts aimed at solving social, environmental, cultural and economic problems in local populations.



Manage the capacity of local populations and ecosystems exposed to a threat to resist, absorb, adapt and recover from its effects in a timely and effective manner, including the preservation and restoration of their basic structures and functions.



Our approach is based on the totality that each individual represents, each reality, and the network of relationships that unites these individuals in groups and their factors, in which they acquire identity and meaning through their belonging.



Manage the different social, environmental, cultural and economic components, to highlight the relationships between various elements in order to fully understand reality, its problems and evolution over time.