Bamboo Harvesting

The population of Santa Fé is one of the most populated places within the province of Darién, where man has exerted great pressure on natural resources where it is a priority to generate an alternative to forests or tropical woods.


The characteristics in the selection of a species of bamboo that has the requirements to provide goods and services to guarantee part of the great needs of housing and industrial products, as well as other agricultural and artisanal uses. They provide us with services for the recovery of soil, prevent erosion and, it is a renewable resource with a great capacity for regeneration, they are a fundamental axis as a natural barrier to avoid floods or prevent landslides on riverbanks.

The rapid establishment and growth of bamboo allows for frequent harvesting. This allows local populations  flexibly adapt their management and harvesting practices to new growing conditions in the context of a changing climate. Bamboo provides a year-round source of income and becomes  in an ever-widening variety of products and uses.


Santa Fe, Darién is the territory where it developed  this project that included  priority items  such as the integration of organized local groups  and generate new green economies.